KCL Add-In for Revit 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017

Revit Users

If you already have Revit 2012 thru 2017 installed
(add-ins will not work with Revit LT) you can follow the steps below

Installation Instructions:
Close Revit
Download/Run this link: Free KCL Toolbar Add-In for Revit
Uploaded - May 26th, 2016 (v3.9)

Quick Start Instructions for KCL
Open your Revit project and then click the "KCL" or "Add-Ins" TabMenu.
Select the "KCL 5 Catalog" button.
Click Login or Sign up (from the upper right corner) to create a free 14 day trial  login.*
Click the "R" button on the 2d, 3d or rfa view you wish to load into Revit.

If you want, add KCL 5 Catalog to your Quick Access Toolbar
that will make KCL one click access!
*14 day trial includes full usage (login is never required for Free access from manufacturer web sites)

Also check out Custom Blocks toolbar in KCL 5 Catalog, over 100 programs to create custom 3D symbols.

KCL requires the latest services packs for Revit 2012 for full functionality of AutoCAD converted and native Revit families.

Revit 2012 service pack 2
 Manufacturers with Revit Families: 146
Total number of models with Revit Families: 58,097
Total number of Revit Family Types: 82,219
View Families here.

Click image below for free access to manufacturers'
Revit families via KCL custom search engine

revitrevitA la cartrevitrevitrevitrevitBKI revitrevitrevit revit revitrevitrevitrevitDukerevitrevitrevitrevitGroenrevitrevitrevitrevitrevitrevitrevitrevitrevitrevitrevitrevitrevitPerlickrevitRandellrevitrevitStandexStoeltingrevitrevitultrafryerunified brandsUS Rangerevitrevitrevitrevitrevit